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The Light Show Party Drone

The Light Show Party Drone

The Light Show Party Drone

$99.99 $78.99

Special January Highlighted Item Promotion.



This is the nearly 2′-long drone that illuminates a night sky with 54 LEDs as it speeds through the air performing applause-worthy antics. Its sleek aerodynamic body and four-blade design enables the unit to perform eye-catching maneuvers and barrel rolls while advanced gyros provide stable flight. The easy-to-use controller allows novice and experienced operators to pilot the aircraft forward/backward, up/down, sideways, and even execute 360° flips. With a 164′ range and three speed settings. A 60-minute charge via the included USB cable provides up to seven minutes of flight time. Remote requires four AA batteries. Ages 14 and up. 22″ L x 14 1/2″ W x 4″ H. (4 oz.)


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